Definition essay: a detailed manual

You stumble on a new word, which means absolutely nothing to you. However, you find it interesting and make up your mind to find its meaning in the dictionary. Having researched the term on the web, you get a proper definition, which seems quite logical. You've just learnt a fresh word!

Unfortunately, some terms can't be properly described in one sentence or even two or three. Deep and complex terms require hundreds and often thousands of words to have it explained. That's where a definition essay comes in handy ' it's born to explain things.

What's this?

This type of essay can be rather a tricky assignment. It suggests that you're bound to give a formal and partially personal explanation of a specific word. That's an essay, so you can't narrow the meaning to a couple of words. So, get ready extend your 'several words' to a paper.

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Types of definitions often employed in a definition essay

  • Details: Illustrate the characteristics as well as other distinguishing features, depicting the very idea of the paper.
  • Uses, results, and effects: Depict the after effect and practical employment of the subject.
  • Classification: Enumerate classes the subject belongs to.
  • Origins and causes: The origin of the topic ' that's what you need to know. The history of the idea and the background information should be uncovered too.
  • Comparison: Weird things might be defined by simply demonstrating their likeness to the common or their contrast from it.
  • Analysis: You're expected to break the subject into several parts. Every part needs to be defined individually.
  • The basic subject of paper writing.
  • How it must be written to satisfy your professors.
  • The right word count and page limit.
  • A correct formatting style.
  • When your assignment is due.
  • Recommended sources to gather relevant information and facts for your academic project.
  • Samples of your hand-written papers to provide authors with hints of how to mimic your style and language.

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Interesting themes

Essay Writing Service studybay

  • Explain the very essence of beauty.
  • What's the true meaning of success?
  • Happiness: How can you explain it?
  • Tell us what makes anybody a hero.
  • Love: define this mysterious and incomprehensible thing.
  • Courage: how can we explain it?
  • Offer your understanding of loyalty.
  • Explore the very nature of friendship.
These are common examples of definition essay themes, often asked on tests as well as coursework tasks. There're many words, which can be explained only within the span of an essay. In this case the objective is to pick one you feel comfortable to picture and explain. Only on this condition you can act as a true work artist.

Steps to take before you start writing

Before you get down to writing, a word needs to be picked up for your paper to be based on. We offer you a bunch of worthy tips to consider before selecting the required term.
  • Picking a proper term: We've just told above it's unreal to make a hefty paper on a simple word, so it's vital to stay meticulous during your decision process. Sticking to a noun won't probably work out. Let's assume you've picked up the term 'pen,' and you realize that there's not much depth you could get into as an author. Within the same sphere you'd better stick to 'writing.' The given term is far more subjective and provides enough room to implement different ideas.
  • Term familiarity: You can hardly illustrate a term, which doesn't have any correlation with your life. Ideally, you require choosing a word you're familiar with, and which had a huge impact on your life.
  • Stay away from utilizing terms, which happen to be universal in any language. For instance, don't' use such terms as 'telephone' or 'hello.' Although it's real to extend information on them, you'd better pick up a juicy one from the very beginning.
  • Conduct some historical research: Taking into account that human being have stood lingual for centuries, one can ascertain that there's a 100% likelihood that your term boasts a prominent past.


As with any other paper, you're utilizing this part to start informing your audience about the contents of your writing. In this type of essay the introduction serves two key objectives: Standard definition: It actually states the dictionary version. It's crucial for the audience to get a starting point as for the term just to clarify any probable questions. Additionally, the standard definition differs from the thesis one, thus ensuring multi-dimensionality. Thesis definition: It has much common with the typical thesis statement. That's your full version of what the chosen term stands for. It's a hybrid of the explanation style and the standard definition, plus your personal experiences. Avoid describing too much here; leave the bulk of it for the rest of your paper. Stay away from using passive phrases in this section.

Body paragraphs

These are the part of the essay, breaking down the term into key parts. You're expected to take every variation of the definition as well as its history and then break it down into several sections. For instance, you can use the following paragraph structure:

  • Body paragraph 1: Origin and history
  • Body paragraph 2: Dictionary explanation and practical employment
  • Body paragraph 3: Your personal definition coming from your experience


Being to the point is the very purpose of this section. Here you're expected to summarize the key points of your argument. You require rephrasing the major parts of the definition and ensuring you summed up everything you wanted on saying. Finally, you are bound to say how the term has influenced your life. It will provide your audience with a sense of purpose.

Post-writing tips

When working on this type of essay students often choose a too bread term for their task. That's a common mistake. Having picked up a term, you require narrowing it down just to make it easier to define and spot examples. The origin of the term is very crucial to the word's meaning. For instance, the word 'crush' descends from many similar words of Nordic languages. This word boasts multiple meanings. It's possible to crush a bag of chips or have a crush on somebody. Whatever definition you pick up for your paper, ensure it's really unique. Be creative when approaching it from an unusual angle. It will undoubtedly make it more intriguing for the audience.

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