Flowers for Algernon(Book)

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Flowers to get Algernon.

In the short story " Flowers to get Algernon" by simply Daniel Keyes, the main figure Charlie Gordon has an IQ of sixty-eight and desires to become intelligent. He is decided to undergo an operation to increase his intelligence level to 204, however he can unaware of the outcomes that may adhere to. His try things out is not really worth the risk because he understands that individuals can be inappropriate, the research is not permanent, and he loses his good friends and work. One of the reasons Charlie's experience is not really worth the risk is definitely he understands that humans can be cruel. This is found throughout the history for example in how Charlie Gordon's so-called good friends treat him. After the operation, on of Charlie's close friends Joe Carp teases him about the operation saying " hey look in which Charlie had his procedure what would they do Charlie, put some minds in. " Another period Charlie knows humans can be cruel is when Steve is in a restaurant and the bus young man who is mentally challenged drops the dishes on the ground, the people start laughing for him and make fun of him. This makes Steve upset and he starts to yell with the customers in the restaurant expressing " Close up. Keep him alone. It's certainly not his wrong doing he can't understand. He can't help what he could be. But he's still a human being. " Charlie also does not realizethat his friends happen to be laughing for him and never with him until his IQ beginsto increase, and he figures out what Paul Carp and Frank Riley mean by " he pulled a Charlie Gordon. " Another reason the operation is not really worth the risk is because the operation is usually not everlasting. Before the procedure, Charlie has a IQ of 68 he can write although his punctuational is not very good. Charlie's IQ increases to 204 following having the operation. Algernon a mouse that undergoes similar operation, begins to change. Steve writes in a single of his progress studies about how Algernon begins to alter " Burt, who is in control of the experimental animals, informs me that Algernon is changing....

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