Diffusion of Chemicals

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DIFFDiffusion of Chemicals

* Diffusion-is the process whereby particles of liquids, fumes, or hues intermingle while the result of all their spontaneous movement caused by heat agitation in addition to dissolved substances move by a region better to one of lower attention. The rate of diffusion depend upon which size of the surface area towards the volume inside the cell. The bigger the surface area of cells regarding their volume level, the quicker diffusion happens.

Experiment about Diffusion

Target: to determine konzentrationsausgleich

Materials: Agar agar, Ruler

Chemical substances: Potassium Permanganate, Methylene Green and Potassium Dichromate. Approach: Obtain a pinch of potassium permanganate, methylene blue and potassium dichromate. Place every substance cautiously on the surface area of agar agar, carefully noting which is which usually so that the uric acid are spread equally in the agar and never too near to the edge with the dish. Gauge the diameter in the colored place immediately after adding the compound to the agar agar with frequent 10-minute times.

----пѓ Potassium Dichromate

----пѓ Potassium Dichromate

-----Potassium Dichromate

p--- Potassium Permanganate

---- Methylene Blue

Hypothesis: There would be no within Potassium Permanganate, Methylene Green and Potassium Dichromate eventually by. To put it briefly, there is no chemical substance change that may occur for the reason that chemicals would not mix jointly.

Results Based upon Experiment:

Potassium Dichromate|

Time (min. )| Size (mm)

0| 12mm

10| 12mm

20| 13mm

30| 14mm

40| 14mm

50| 15mm

60| 16mm

Potassium Permanganate|

Time (min. )| Diameter(mm)

0| 15mm

10| 17mm

20| 19mm

30| 34mm

40| 34mm

50| 42mm

60| 43mm

Methylene Blue|

Time(min. )| Diameter(mm)

0| 8mm

10| 9mm

20| 9mm

30| 10mm

40| 10mm

50| 11mm

60| 11mm

Results: In a matter of one hour observing the chemicals in the agar agar, as time passes by amount of...

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