Filtration Innovations Incorporation.

 Filter Enhancements Inc. Article

Filter Innovations Incorporation.

Filter Enhancements Inc. (FII) was created by John Dragasevich in 1992. It was structured out of Toronto, Ontario and provided small industrial water filtration and environmental products. That focused typically on projects that needed processing below 1 mil litres daily. This was mainly because competing corporations were keen on projects that required processing above you million lt per day.

Trouble Statement

The challenge Dragasevich encounters with FII is that some of their current sewage treatment styles did not satisfy some industrial and comunitario guidelines. There exists a new technology named membrane neurological reactor (MBR) that FII could invest in to help them place them on the front of the technical market of wastewater purification. However , this kind of technology could have a very large upfront expense and FII will not have finish knowledge and experience together with the system to get 2-5 years. Dragasevich must decide if they wish to have poor project earnings for a few years just before they start to create large profits, or if they wish to wait and see how the MBR market escalates.

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FII is very pleased with their know-how and competence in the field of filtration systems. Customers look for FII for the things. That shows that they are dedicated and wish to give their particular clients the best service available. It also provides customers the impression of protection that they will not be disappointed with FII's work.

FII hopes clients view their company like a " one-stop, shop for every filtration needs”. Not only does FII offer pre-built filtration systems, additionally they supply personalized systems based upon clients' specific needs, as well as a wide range of environmental products to aid their filtration. Clients would be more ready to shop in a place that can save these people time coming from searching for multiple companies to accomplish one job.

FII strives themselves on being eco-friendly. A corporate objective that was personally crucial to Dragasevich is that social and environmental duties were a premier priority for FII. Any current or new technology designed by FII were designed to meet and exceed current industrial and municipal rules.


With just 14 personnel current applied with FII, they were a very small company. With equipment providing over 1500 business sites, FII would not have a whole lot of room for enlargement with the current number of staff. They would not have the current staffing requirementws to be able to take on a project just like the MBR.

FII only concentrates on projects with less than 1 million lt of control a day. This severely limitations their marketplace. If these people were going to put into practice the MBR into their business, their target market would be current clients. They would have to influence them to get a completely new system for his or her filtration needs. This could be very difficult as they wouldn't want to waste a lot money upon upfront costs when they possess a system that still functions.


The existing technologies of FII are generally not meeting all the guidelines for industrial and municipal. A smart move is always to train current employees promote the MBR system. MBR is currently the very best environmental means to fix wastewater treatment. As well, it was anticipated that within a couple of years, the technology would advance so that MBR could use change osmosis, which usually would be able to switch wastewater in to potable normal water. This would be a big product motivation for clients because they can save money on normal water usage.

FII could begin to cater to clients who need much more than 1 million litres of processing each day. With their competence and knowledge of filtration systems, they could conveniently make the improve. They also create customized filtration systems based on clients' requires, so they wouldn't need to completely renovate their current base models. FII is concerned that Siemens Water Technology and Zenon Membrane Solutions will be too much of a competition....

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