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FALL 2013



The Applications Paper is built to provide you with a way to apply the fabric from the program to genuine situations inside your life. It really is in question-and-answer format, and is not intended to be approached being a term paper; no studies required. Whenever you can your answers should be associated with the workplace or perhaps other company setting. In place, the daily news is a replacement for a comprehensive last exam.


The deadline intended for the newspaper is 12 , 11, during class period, the last day of classes. This is a firm deadline; past due papers will never be accepted. Hard form is required – it can not be emailed, thus be sure to let enough time to print the paper

How Papers Will probably be Graded

I am grading you on your competence of the subject matter and how properly you apply the material to your own situations. This paper may not be adequately crafted without talking to your school notes, Powerpoints and/or the written text.


The paper is worth 50 points (25% of your last grade).

Structure and Duration

Each question should be figures and mentioned before jots down your solution. Hint: The best way to handle this is to copy and paste your concerns onto a fresh word record and then simply write your answers beneath each issue. Provide specific examples within your answers.

Do not include definition of concepts.

Every single answer, on average, should be 1 to 2 pages, double- spaced, in 12 stage type and standard margins (300 – 600 terms per issue and answer). As right now there 12 questions in total, your paper needs to be between 12 and twenty four pages (3600 – 7, 200 words) Some concerns may require for a longer time answers and some answers might be slightly short. Do not start up a new site for each problem.

Hard copy is needed; electronic documents will not be accepted. Your cover page includes the following data:

Your name


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