High School and Kyle

 High School and Kyle Composition

Being rich, famous and good looking provides its up and lows. Kyle Kingsbury is a senior high school student who will be currently in the ninth level at Tuttle. He has got the total bundle he has blonde locks blue eyes, he is good looking, tall, and rich. Kyle is the most popular boy by his high school graduation. He is very rude to the people that this individual considered had been ugly. In the mind this individual thought that not any ugly people should have a conversation with him. Kendra Hilferty chosen to teach Kyle a lesson by punishing him to be rude in people.

Kendra cast a spell on Kyle. The spell flipped Kyle in an unpleasant hairy beast. This cause would last for two years. Kyle needed to find somebody who loved him for his personality as they now looks like a beast. She must prove her love through a kiss in order to the mean. He would not be able to use his money or his appearance to help him out in this situation. If Kyle does not find someone to appreciate him for his persona within couple of years he would live a beast for the rest of his life.

Kyle performances as a beast are just as they seem. He walks straight almost as though he were a human. His teeth are now fangs. His hands were right now claws. Kyle hair was all over his body. I can't touch Kyle personally, but We imagine that he'd feel like a furry puppy or monkey. Kyle words became deeper as a beast. He would roar from time to time if he became annoyed. He would most likely to have the smell of an dog such as a dog, monkey, or bear. I wouldn't know very well what he style like as they is a human beast which is not edible.

Kyle would be treated differently as a beast because he was ugly and hairy. A lot of people wouldn't wish anything to carry out with him. They would hesitate of how big he was. His own dad disowned him so you can imagine what a stranger would do pertaining to him. This spell is going to teach Kyle not to bypass treating people differently because they looked different, did not have any cash, or don't fit into this popular group.

Kyle is a...

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