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In this report I am further talking about about the market research of Sandwich Experience Detail. I am analysing your data I extracted from both primary and second researches to go over about the demands for my own business and whether my own chosen organization will achieve future. I am also looking at the appropriateness of the research methods and the sampling strategies. Analysis of questionnaire (primary research)

As part of my personal market research intended for the Hoagie Delight We used distinct methods of researching the market to collect my data. One such method applied was offering questionnaires. This is a form of primary research. We handed out twenty questionnaires to 20 different random people to come with an idea regarding the thoughts and opinions that people has got on my new company. In response towards the questionnaire or primary study I acquired following benefits. Question you – what is your age range?

six people were involving the ages of 16-20

7 people were between your ages of 26 – 35

6 people were between the ages of 21- twenty-five

This demonstrates that most of the age bracket who trips the Airport was between ages of 17 to 35. It will help me to decide upon my personal target market. My target audience will be between the age ranges of 18 to thirty-five. Also from your age range it may be seen that many of the individuals are workers and several of them are school and college students. This means they may be teenagers. I really will ensure that we have my own bar build to attract particularly the people older between seventeen to 35 to gain more earnings as they are almost all users. I am also making sure that I have products for the other age groups too.

Problem 2 – Gender

11 people were men

9 people were female

This provides me a good idea of many people were men. It could be seen that most those people who are visiting the International airport or living around the region. Therefore I will I have products and ingredients to please both female and male. The reason is , the difference involving the populations can be not very distinct.

Question several – when do you go to Airport?

12 of them move once in every month

six of them proceed once in a year

1 of them goes each day

3 of these stated additional

This end result gives a thought of that a lot of people are not standard visitors to the Airport. Each goes to the International airport for different uses. The person who stated that he would go to Airport daily should be working in the International airport. The outcomes also provides brief idea as to whether or not people does not go to International airport daily you will have always a huge mobility of individuals in an throughout the area of the Air-port. Therefore there is more likely a requirement for the sandwich store near the Air-port. This as well gives me a concept of having wide range of customers to my business devoid of just having only particular target audience.

Query 4 – Do you work in local?

15 of them stated yes

your five of them said no

This provides you with an idea on most of the people are working in the neighborhood. Since the majority of the people are engaged it is more likely that there would be mobility of shoppers during the days and also throughout the evenings towards the shop. Paying attention more on the breakfast and more on the gives will help myself to gain more buyers. This gives a good idea that there is more probable a demand for a sandwich store with different idea and set up in a unique approach. Question five – simply how much are you willing to pay?

15 of them are willing to pay around ВЈ2 to ВЈ3

5 of them are offering around ВЈ4 to ВЈ5

This gives a good idea that majority of the people are able to pay about ВЈ3 to get the hoagie. It also provides an idea with the demand for reasonably priced products. Inside my business the maximum price of your sandwich is ВЈ2. 55 and the food deal provides has a cost range of ВЈ3. 00. The retail price listing I've prepared gives a profit of 60% because it costs simply ВЈ1. 25 for the constituents for one meal. Therefore persons will be happy to spend money on my personal sandwich bar since all of the prices are reasonable. I have also...

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