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The unification of the upper and lower kingdom occurred in the 'Protodynastic Period' of Egypt. There are many sources that provide evidence how the unification happened, such as the Narmer palette which usually originally led historians to think that Narmer was in charge of the unification of the two halves of Egypt, nonetheless it is likely that due to trading and other factors such as the capability to write, as well as the power of our economy in the Naqada III period (3200 -- 3000BCE), the formation of a single Egyptian state happened culturally beforehand.

The ability to read and publish, which the Egyptian people obtained in the Naqada III period, likely allowed trading for being much more lucrative, as people could have certain records of inventory and money. The countries overall economy could also be better by the capacity to write. The utilization by both halves of Egypt of hieroglyphics written for the two halves developing related cultures. The economic, armed service and personal power of the state and the ideology of holy power (which existed almost all throughout Egypt) would have contributed to a sociable setting the place that the unification was possible.

Discoveries at Hierakonpolis provided additional evidence the unification came about before Narmer, who the Narmer colour scheme would have you think unified Egypt by defeating his adversaries, was pharaoh. Food development is found to obtain occurred, since pitsВ at Hierakonpolis contained hundreds of thousands of domestic animals bones, as well an array of outrageous animal bone fragments. If this kind of were to be a food production centre, it would explain the power that Narmer (and many others after him), handed down. Due to the capability to control a population by controlling foodstuff production within an area, Narmer would have had the capacity to control foodstuff in both the upper and Lower Egypt. This would mean that food can be centralized, giving the pharaoh control even before the unification. The pharaoh would have been able to view meals...

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