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Diagnostic In-Class Dissertation on The Other Wes Moore

This year's prevalent reading, The Other Wes Moore, was carefully picked from a large number of possible text messaging by a panel of SMU faculty, administrators, staff, and students. For what reason do you think SMU chose this guide as this year's prevalent reading for a lot of new pupils? What makes this a good summary of university study? What do you imagine these were hoping you might learn? Work with details from your text to support your judgment.

You should print out this project sheet prior to coming to school. You may write a thesis statement with a plan on the BACK of this piece. You will need to use textual proof to support your claims, so you might also note down 2-3 quotations from the essay on the back of this linen. You will turn in this bed sheet (with the outline and quotes within the back) towards the end of class. TEND NOT TO WRITE THE DISSERTATION IN ADVANCE. You will not receive credit for doing the project if you come to school with a prewritten essay.

A good analysis essay includes a succinct (2-3 sentence) introduction having a thesis that expresses the argument you are going to prove with the rest of the article. You should have for least two fully developed body sentences with very clear topic phrases and particular textual facts that helps to prove the thesis. You should have a concise concluding section that expresses a final understanding on the book and your thesis about it. Prevent too much plan summary; presume your market has browse the book. Simply provide plot/character details where necessary to illustrate your discussion.

Understand what know how to spell a word, I recommend using a distinct one.

Best of luck!

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